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Available trainings

Each project has different business requirements, just as each developer has different level of knowledge and experience. In order to make all attendees benefit the most, each training is preceded by a meeting with tech representatives (e.g. team leader), when we discuss the what the team needs. Finally, a tailored training program is made.

Training Description Duration Attachments
JavaScript Expert Course If you want to learn various aspects of the language, this training is the right one. It covers datatypes, asynchronous programming, communication via webservices, API mocking, automation, fundamentals behind modern frameworks, component architecture, and last but not least, best practices and common traps to avoid. 2-5 days
Expert TypeScript Workshop TypeScript introduces static typing to JavaScript, making it easier to reason about huge codebases and cheaper to maintain them. Learn the fundamentals, advanced techniques, differences from other statically-typed languages, best practices and possibilities of the platform - all in order to improve your performance as a programmer. 2-3 days program
React & Redux Learn probably the most popular frontend toolstack ever. React, although being very different from classical, imperative code, has become frontend's state of art, being super-performant and extremely logical and almost-no-learning-by-heart framework. Redux, quickly after being released, has become the standard solution for state management, not only within React ecosystem, but also inspired very similar tools in Angular and Vue ecosystems. This training will help you get started or get more advanced, if you're already using React & Redux. 3 days program
React: in Depth Your team already has experience in React, but they want to improve the skills to a senior/architect level. Includes tackling complexity, scaling functionalities, performance improvements and many more. 2-3 days program
Redux Redux is both the most popular and most important state management library for frontend, but also a reference point for all alternatives and derivatives, including solutions built into React. This training dives deep into the library and its plugins that enable extended control-flow, including redux-thunk, redux-saga and redux-observable. 2-3 days program
Angular Learn one of the most popular frameworks of the frontend. Each aspect of the framework is explained during a lecture/discussion and followed by multiple exercises. Attendees build a full-featured web app throughout the training. 3 days program
NGRX = Angular + TypeScript + Redux + RxJS
In big, domain-heavy applications, managing state within components is just not enough. Learn the Redux pattern applied in an Angular-fashioned, reactive style. Learn the architecture, typical solutions to common problems, best practices... and all the anti-patterns to avoid.
3-5 days program
JavaScript Architectures This training puts much effort into explaining and understanding different paradigms and approaches of modern JavaScript. It includes analysis and comparison engines of frameworks, the tradeoffs behind them. Many difficult project tasks are discussed in terms of possible solutions, their strenghts and weaknesses. Participants are often asked to think about ways to solve the problem, which are alternative to what initially comes to their mind. THe training includes many design discussions and exercises. It opens eyes to new ways of thinking. 3-5 days program
Asynchronous JavaScript In JavaScript pretty much everything is (in)directly asynchronous, and so we've got many ways to design the workflow. During this training, you'll learn strengths and weaknesses, usecases, best practices and gotchas about: callbacks, events, coroutines, async functions, CSP and observable streams. 3 days program
RxJS: Observable Streams RxJS is the new way to design application flow in modern JavaScript. It relies on Functional Reactive Programming approach and requires developers to learn a completely new way of thinking about programing. 3 days program
Automated JavaScript Testing Your team already has a product, but it turns out that modifying the product takes too much time annd occasionally breaks functionalities? The system is not covered with meaningful tests that they could trust in order to extend the system quickly and successfully. This training, depending on the teams' needs brings the reasoning behind automated tests - what they should be like and why they should be there. The training includes writing tests for many different usecases and functionalities. Participants will gain the trust that testing their software is worth the effort - and they will do it successfully from now on. 3-5 days program
ECMAScript 2015-2020: new features ECMAScript 6 (2015) has brought lots of new features into the language and keeps on adding even more each year. Syntax extensions, new datatypes, promises, generators, iterators, async iterators, proxies, coroutines, observability techniques - and manny more. And, of course, the Babel transpiler. Learn it all in the TDD style. 2-3 days program
JavaScript for Backend developers If your team members are experienced in Java/.Net and want to raise their JavaScript skills, this training is for you. 3-5 days program

In order to discuss detailed agenda of your training, please contact me.

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Here you can find a few of my trainings attendees' opinions & impressions:

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Wspaniałe szkolenie. Zawsze sadziłam, że nie da się poprowadzić szkolenia, które byłoby przyjazne dla osób niemających z danym zagadnieniem wcześniej kontaktu oraz tych, co w danej tematyce są obeznani i chcą się nauczyć czegoś nowego. Muszę przyznać, że Tomkowi się to udało. Szkoda, że czas szkolenia był ograniczony do dwóch dni, gdyby było trzy to byłoby więcej czasu na ćwiczenia, których zaplanowanych było bardzo dużo. Tak czy inaczej, bardzo wiele z niego wyniosłam. Brawo!

Great training. I always thought that it's impossible to do a training, which is friendly to both people who had no prior contact with a given subject and need an introduction and to those who are familiar with the topic and want to learn something new. I have to admit that Tomek achieved it. It is a pity that the it was only two days, if there were three, we'd have more time for more exercises. Anyway, I got a lot out of it. Bravo!

Dagna, junior software developer (Warszawa, 2016.03.18)
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Przez weekend ugruntowała mi się trochę wiedza ze szkolenia, zacząłem też czytać książkę „JavaScript Patterns” która tez dotyka wielu tematów ze szkolenia (choć ma kilka lat).

Generalnie też dziękuję za samo szkolenie i sposób w jaki je prowadziłeś, który w moim odczuciu był mistrzowski. Naprawdę świetnie się Ciebie słuchało. Pisząc prostą mała apkę w weekend (nodejs/mongodb/vuejs) sam byłem zdumiony ile rzeczy mogłem zastosować w kodzie tylko z tego co pamiętałem ze słuchu i ćwiczeń z tego szkolenia, choć zazwyczaj nie mam takiej pamięci aby od razu po szkoleniu/wykładzie, bez ponownego ćwiczenia samemu, zastosować rzeczy od ręki.

Także jeszcze raz chylę czoło przed Twoją wiedzą i sposobem w jaki ja przekazujesz.

Życzę Ci powodzenia ze wszystkim w przyszłości :)

During the weekend, all the knowledge got established. I also started reading the „JavaScript Patterns” book, which also touches many topics from the training (although it is several years old).

In general, I thank you for both the training and the way you conducted it, which I felt was masterful. It was really great to listen to you. During the weekend I was writing a small app (nodejs / mongodb / vuejs) and I was amazed at myself at how much I could apply in the code straight away, just from what I remembered from hearing and exercises. And usually I don't have such good memory (to do things immediately after a training/lecture).

Again, I bow down to your knowledge and the way you convey it.

I wish you all success in the future :)

Piotr, software developer (Wrocław, 2017.04.18)
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Tak tylko chciałem Ci powiedzieć, że jak używam JS od czasu szkolenia, to bardzo dużo rzeczy o tym jak to działa w środku dowiedziałem się właśnie na twoim szkoleniu. Pisząc coś w JS dużo lepiej rozumiem co tam się dzieje pod spodem więc mój kod jest bardziej „świadomy” :)

Dzięki za szkolenie jeszcze raz :)

I just wanted to tell you that, as I'm using JS since the training, there are lots of things about how all this works internally, that I learned exactly during your training. While writing something in JS, my understanding of what's going on underneath is much better, so that I'm a lot more „aware” of the code I write :)

Thanks for the training again :)

Adrian, senior software developer (Lublin, 2017.10.25)
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Each training is different in terms of the programme, attendees experience, requirements and the goals. It's my pleasure to conduct trainings for these companies, among others.

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